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Cora Sexton Wheeler, a Colorado artist, lives with her husband and three young children in Denver.  She is heavily influenced by her heritage and upbringing in both the city and on a ranch in Durango, Colorado.  Her paintings tell a story that reflects American history, especially in the West.  Her work continues to grow and change in both the size and subject matter, always with a western nod and appreciation for her native Colorado upbringing. 


Cora’s pieces can be found in private collections in homes across the United States.  

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about the process

The goal of Cora's art is to engage viewers through multiple sensory outlets, primarily visual and tactile.  The saturated colors are playful, inviting and warm.  The palette, along with heavy texture, encourages a closer look and even a touch.  

Every piece starts with a sketch on canvas and is followed by sculpting of the image with a lightweight paste.  Then, multiple color washes are applied and fine details are painted with acrylic.  Paintings are completed with either a high gloss resin or varnished with a matte finish.  The pieces are sculptures on canvas with a depth adding structure and interest.  

Cora is honored to donate a portion of the proceeds from all headdress pieces to a non-profit that supports American Indian children and families in the Denver metropolitan area.  

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